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Saint Michael Castle is located on the hill of the same name, nowadays surrounded by a large amount of buildings, but once isolated in the north-western territory outside Cagliari. Recent excavations brought the remains of an early medieval church (that is, from the early Middle Ages) to light, on whose top the castle with the towers and a moat was built, after the Aragonese conquest, starting from the first half of the XIV century.

The fortified complex underwent significant adaptations also for the defensive needs and to adjust the walls to the evolution of war techniques.

In the building’s history, the most important and richly documented period is perhaps the XV century, when it hosted the Carroz family, who its history is permanently linked to. Once abandoned and progressively run down, the castle was used as a leper hospital during Saint Efisio plague (1652-1656), and then fortified again because of the French assaults in 1600 and 1700. Used as barracks in the early XIX century, it was erased from the list of fortifications in 1867 and sold to Marchese Roberti of San Tommaso, who had it restored and the hill reforested with pines. In the twentieth century it was occupied by the Navy and used during World War II (as a radio station). In the Seventies it was expropriated and passed to the State and the Municipality, which, since 1985, have started a F.I.O (Fondo di investimento per l’occupazione – Occupation Investment Fund) intervention.

Today the Castle preserves the three towers and the curtain wall, surrounded by a moat, but has undergone a major transformation with steel and polycarbonate structures, which have totally occupied the inside of the building.