Qualche cenno sull'argomento:

The most fascinating public building in the city of salt is surely the recreational club Dopolavoro. It was found on  October 20th, 1932, and then abandoned, until rediscovered and renovated in the 1990s by the group Teatro Akroama. Since then, numerous theatrical and musical shows have taken place here. The theatre is located beyond the canal of the Saline (salt pans), near residences of the second post war period. It has an extremely compact shape and a hipped roof. It is composed of a low building which surrounds the internal hall, and opens on a side towards the ponds under a spacious porticato hold by thin and stylised pillars. A long series of windows develops outside, creating diverse amazing light breaks, up to the triple ones in the protruding bodies positioned on the building corners. Architraves are limited by a horizontal cornice that repeats Art Dèco stylistic features. Some pilaster strips vertically run the surface covered with small bricks.

The internal hall has a parterre and a small balcony with beautiful cast iron railing decorated with frescoes, which ornate the walls and the coffered ceiling, framing a big oval.

Due to show needs, a fly tower has been constructed, partially modifying the original building. The theatre also houses management offices and a show library.

On the side entrance the notice OND (Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro, national recreational work) is still visible, a reminder of a typical Fascist institution.