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The building is where the “Giuseppe Siotto” Historical Institute Foundation is located. It was founded in 1990, and its aim is to promote the study and diffusion of Sardinian history. Completed in 1850, the building underwent an important restructuring process in 1927 based on the project of the engineer, Giacomo Crespi. It has three facades which enclose the block of buildings where the Cugia Palace is situated. The most important side is that in via Genovesi, characterised by a huge portal, surmounted by a balcony. The building has ten independent units, some of which are leased. The foundation uses only the piano nobile of the building where we can find furniture which belonged to the 18th Century historian Giuseppe Manno, author of an essential “History of Sardinia”. The Foundation houses important bibliographic resources from the libraries of Giuseppe Siotto, Renzo Laconi, Francesco Accardo, Girolamo Sotgiu, and rare books from the 16th century. In the Portrait Hall and in the Green Hall, we can admire valuable paintings by Marghinotti, Figari, Morgari and painters from the Piemonte school from the 17th century. The archives are extremely important and of particular interest we can see the Agricultural Company “Siotto House”, which was one of the most important on the island between the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The antique photographic collection which portrays the Siotto family and the employees of the company, is very important from a documentary and historical point of view. More recently, since 1999 the Foundation has housed a collection of weapons which belonged to General Luigi Accardo.