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Rationalism is the ordering criterion, deriving from the XIX century’s positivism, that in the XX century will be expressed in glass and reinforced concrete and will revolutionarily dictate the Cubist right angles and essential planes, like a purifying sword, in the absolute name of geometry. Le Corbusier, Gropius and Melnikov’s new spirit will finally find an ideal – and ideological – affinity with a regime claiming for a similar rigour and need of order in Bardi, Terragni and Pagano’s Italy. The meaningful triennium for rationalism in Cagliari ranges from 1933 to 1935 and will be connected to two names: Ubaldo Badas and Salvatore Rattu, two young representatives of that new sobriety in the state capital of Sardinia. Arrogant and gifted with a bold innovative rigour the first, more moderate the latter, but sometimes hybridized with hazardous futurist enthusiasms. In the Garden of Remembrance, finished in 1934, Badas modulates a sophisticated display of culture and in a modern and innovative tone approaches the forms of a glorious national past. He reduces the current trend in the local Romanesque style to a rational minimum: he raises two high lictorial walls closing the calcareous threshold of a single nave – the holy space in memory of the heroes – that stretches, open under the sky vault, gets up in the trachyte presbytery, ending in the final exedra-apsis dominated by the Cross. The whole monument – among the most successful ones of this kind in the Italian rationalism context – is governed by an orthogonal calculated decorum, enlivened by the sophisticated chromatics of the stone materials: carefully matched and alternated to evoke some ancient Pisan tarsias but also the stylised red and white colours of the legendary Brigata Sassari (Sassari brigade) badges. The really modern monumental machine by Badas was commissioned with a careful semantic awareness by the Podestà Enrico Endrich to match, in an open juxtaposition, the flashy eclecticism of the barracks hosting the Carabinieri Legion.