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Pirri glasshouse in Via Italia represents an expression of industrial archaeology in Cagliari that brings back to the economic progress and expansion of these activities at the beginning of the last century. It was a winemaking factory – distillery that in the following years was flanked by a glasshouse, so that the ancient furnaces for the glass made with refractory red bricks and with an interesting vaulted architecture can still be identified. The building in Viale Italia is provided with a central courtyard, an annexed turret, original walls made of stone and mud bricks, while the Rocca turret in Via Ampere, totally included in the buildings with its stone walls, shows Liberty decorations and still preserves the first owner’s name, “Stefano Rocca Ancis: wine and spirits production”. Since the 1960s the factory was abandoned and neglected. In the following years, Pirri’s District used these spaces for cultural activities, such as the Aspis theatre, painting and sculpting courses, summer shows. The Municipality of Cagliari has recently provided for the restoration and recovery of the building, in agreement with its original architectural characteristics, to offer the inhabitants and tourists a multifunctional centre for cultural initiatives and social activities, including it in the wider area connected to the Terramaini Park, without turning down the historic roots of the building that still has a deep significance in the memory of Pirri and Cagliari inhabitants.