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Saint Catherine’s Cloister, belonging to the Dominican Order, was built in 1641, with an annexed church. In his Guide of Cagliari Giovanni Spano, one of the first archaeologists studying Sardinia, wrote: “in 1882, the newspaper L’Avvenire di Sardegna reports the beginning of the demolition works on the section of Saint Catherine Bastion and the turret adjacent the Boyl Palace. In 1893 the Cloister is in poor conditions and is left to the Municipality of Cagliari to restore via Canelles and extend the promenade to the Bastion. In 1896 the Town Council considers the issue of establishing schools in Castello district and decides to build one in Saint Catherine Bastion occupying part of the area where the Cloister is. It is obviously necessary to clear the building out since two octogenarian nuns still live there. Some historical pictures in 1908 give us information about the existence of some scaffoldings and the completion of the works. Saint Catherine School has recently restored a Print Shop from the early 1900s, polished up a Punic-roman cistern, brought to light several military equipment, restored an ancient dental office and rebuilt an old classroom.  The School promotes a multitude of initiatives to consolidate a historical memory important for the district and for the city, maintaining its original destination but in a close relationship with the most advanced teaching.