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The foundation of the Society of Mutual Aid of the City of Cagliari dates back to 1855: its first provisional headquarters were located in the Castello district, in the council room of the old Civic Palace. After different provisional sites, this elegant Art Nouveau building, that still hosts the Association, was built in 1912 meeting the need to have a proper abode in response to the increasing number of partners and for administrative purposes. Carlo Concas, who was the President at the time, raised the issue of its construction and donated the area where, in less than two years, the building was erected. The drafting of the project and the works supervision were commended to the engineer Riccardo Simonetti, who performed the job unconcerned.  The centre is composed of a ground floor and a first floor, where the offices and the meeting room, exploited also for other different activities organized by the Society, are located.  The main door and the iron gratings, which delimit the staircase leading to the upper floor, are characterized by the simple and elegant Art Nouveau style, a work of a Sardinian blacksmith from Cagliari.  Seriously damaged during the Second World War, especially in the ornamental parts, it was perfectly repaired and repeatedly submitted to attentive restoration works over the years. Different types of documents, recollecting the 147 years of its history, can be seen in the Society showcases and displays: historical documents, founders, events that characterized the period between the two wars. The exhibition further includes different work tools employed by artisans and workers in the past, as well as the legal head office itself.