Cagliari English 2017

Anfiteatro romano


The Amphitheatre, probably dating back to the end of the 2nd century A.D, lies in a small natural  valley on the western slopes of the Buon Cammino Hill. Its builders incorporated the features of the  soil, excavating the steps from the limestone rock and using the residual material for the floor.  Today the Amphitheatre is [...]

Museo di Zoologia

The Zoological Museum is hosted by the Department of Animal and Ecological Biology of the University of Cagliari. It is located in Viale Poetto 1 (entrance under Ponte Vittorio, coming from Viale Diaz, first turn on the right). The University of Cagliari’s Zoological Collections have a 200 years old history. Some finds date back to [...]

Basilica di San Saturnino

The first documented mention of the San Saturnino’s basilica dates back to the years 533-34 A.C.. The church already existed at the time and historians believe that its foundation can be traced in the middle of the V century A.C. It would have been raised as a martyrium of the martyr Saturnino from Cagliari, beheaded [...]

Legione dei Carabinieri

Cagliari’s Superintendency of Public Works assigned Flavio Scano, Angelo Binaghi and Aldo Pacca the design and construction direction of one of the most important buildings realized by this body: the Palace of the Carabinieri Legion. According to a historic report written by an anonymous marshal of the Carabinieri, “the construction, which required costs for 6,400,000 lire (today’s € [...]

The Racecourse

The racecourse (ippodromo) of Cagliari was inaugurated by Vittorio Emanuele II on the 29th of April 1929 with a sumptuous ceremony. From its inauguration to the start of World War II, the Poetto racecourse was at its best: competitions, contests and flat races where held during spring and autumn, when elegant refreshments could be organized [...]

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