Since 1997, the event Cagliari Monumenti Aperti has been uninterruptedly involving citizens in promoting the city’s historical, architectural and environmental heritage. The project, which was an original idea heavily supported by the city administration, originated from the intuition and commitment of cultural associations, schools, public and private institutions. Thanks to the immediate and impressive participation, the event reaped its first benefits: it was a success in terms of numbers but, above all, a great opportunity of civil and cultural growth, as for both the volunteers and students involved, and the actual participants.

The event consists in opening to the public as many local monuments as possible, especially those usually closed or inaccessible. During the event, guided tours are organised, led by volunteers or students, who will illustrate the monuments to the public. This particular praxis has proved to be successful and therefore is going to be submitted to the city associations for the current edition.

In order to define contents and organizational aspects, associations need to apply to the headquarters of Monumenti Aperti’s Scientific Committee (Il Ghetto, via Santa Croce 18, Cagliari).

Please, read the documents and fill in the application form at the following link.

For further information, please contact Monumenti Aperti’s General Secretary in Cagliari preferably by email ( or by phone 070/6670190.

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