Imago Mundi would like to offer your municipality the possibility to participate in Monumenti Aperti and would like you to consider a meeting opportunity to discuss the event’s main aims and more practical details.

Please, write and e-mail to Monumenti Aperti regional or national General Secretary or call the number 070.6402115 or by contacting the sales representative, Gianpaolo Marras at the number 3667205091. Thank you in advance for your attention.

The event consists in opening to the public as many local monuments as possible, especially those usually closed or inaccessible. During the event, guided tours are organised, led by volunteers or students, who will illustrate the monuments to the public.

To an increasing extent, Monumenti Aperti intends to become an appointment spread throughout the regional and national territory. Not only is this particular and extraordinary appointment with our history an important factor of tourist attraction within the region, but it also represents an opportunity of civil and cultural growth.

We would like to promote this event by widening our horizons and creating a network among different municipalities in the regional and national territory, but also elsewhere.

  • Regional Monumenti Aperti:
    Cel.: 3667205091
  • National Monumenti Aperti:
Letter to the municipalities – Monumenti Aperti 2020-extraordinary edition
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