Qualche cenno sull'argomento:

The first reliable information dates back to 1427, when Archbishop Pietro Spano (1422-1448) enlarged the Episcope. In 1441 the same Bishop obtained the possibility to transfer the Episcopal Seat from Turris to Sassari and in the Pope’s document authorizing the passage it is written: “ubi habet decens palatium”.

In 1517 the building was enlarged and embellished by Archbishop Giovanni Sanna (1516-ante 1524) of whom there was a coat of arms, now disappeared, on one of the entrance doors depicting a wild boar with large fangs. In the following years, the various Archbishops made several additions and numerous ways that gave a sense of inhomogeneity to the palace due to the lack of a unified design.

Between 1644 and 1652, Archbishop Andrea Manca y Zonza (1644-1652) carried out the restoration which gave the building the appearance it still has today. The itinerary will include a visit to the private rooms recently restored by the new Archbishop and the Chapel of Sant’Andrea, which has also returned to its former glory.