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Casa Orrù is a typical Campidanese house, which belongs to the Orrù family for at least 200 years. It is made of raw “ladìri” bricks. The current functional aspect of the house, typically agro-pastoral, refers to the family of Gesuino, a sheep breeder in the years 1920-1960; we can divide the house into three parts that characterized the activities of the past. 

The front courtyard “sa pratza” with the old well and the cellars, the characteristic element of this area is the central loggia “sa lolla”. The front courtyard is contrasted by a rear courtyard “sa pratzixedda” characterized by a loggia with a wood-burning oven, once used for the production of bread. The central two-storey building contains the kitchen, once a storage room for the cheese “sa domu de su casu”, the dining room and in the upper floor “s’aposentu ‘e susu” two characteristic bedrooms.