Project Description

Dedicated to the founder of the Benedictine Order and to St. Scholastica, the small church located in Via Marconi, was built by local workers, probably at the end of the 1300s, although the oldest documentation dates back to 1599. In past centuries it was much loved and frequented and numerous donations were made to it, which are mentioned in some documents. The church is built in stone and mortar, reinforced on the four corners by worked stone blocks (“conci”), arranged in staggered rows. The gabled façade is surmounted by a small “sail-shaped” bell tower, with a bell engraved with the date 1717. On the façade and on the right side there are two pointed arch portals. Two oculi, one on the facade and the other on the opposite wall, give light to the interior which, on a rectangular plan, consists of a single nave with a trussed roof.

The church has several wooden works, such as the statues of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica, probably carved by Sardinian craftsmen, the pulpit and the balustrade are the only furnishings. The church, closed for worship at the end of 1800, was used for secular purposes: as a school and polling station. It is currently open for worship for the recitation of the rosary and on 11 July for the feast of St. Benedict.