Project Description

Designed by the Architect Franco Berarducci, starting from the 1980s, it was realized by the entrepreneur Antonio Ibba under the guidance of the parish priest Don Tonio Tagliaferri and with the collaboration of the entire parish community. The fundamental principles that guided the conception of the work can be summarized as follows: the protagonist of the liturgy is the People of God composed of all the baptized faithful and represented by the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The main mystery is the passion and death of Jesus Christ, which is relived through the Eucharistic liturgy, the proclamation of the word of God and the celebration of the sacraments. Here is how these principles were realized in the church of St. Stephen: the church hall is an amphitheater with thirteen steps for a total of 1350 seats, thus obtaining a large number of faithful around the altar within a radius of sixteen meters favoring maximum visibility of the altar, the celebrant and the faithful among themselves.

The altar is a square block of pink granite that symbolizes the universality of the Christian message. The use of concrete, in particular the attic of almost 1000 square meters, has allowed the use of a triangular coffered ceiling of extraordinary symmetrical effectiveness and extensive sound. Also of extraordinary beauty is the silver stylus cross by Franco Aspro and the tabernacle, the work of Sister Agar Loche. The weekday chapel is also of great interest.