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The Art Gallery houses the important art collections Tomè and Sanna, the latter kept until not too long ago in the deposits of the National Archaeological Museum “G. A. Sanna”, with works of various origins, including the ten contemporary art collections acquired through the Panicali Battaglia donation. Its artistic heritage, consisting of over 490 paintings, sculptures and artefacts from the Middle Age to the mid-twentieth century. This heritage also includes several local schools and artist, Italian and European artists from the end of the fourteenth century. Among the main works, there are a triptych attributed to the Florentine Mariotto di Nardo (news 1394-1424), the paintings of the so-called Maestro di Ozieri (mid-16th century), the Maddalena by the Neapolitan Andrea Vaccaro (1604-1670). The most significant works, however, are those of the Sardinian artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Giovanni Marghinotti, of whom the Pinacoteca has the largest collection in Sardinia, Antonio Ballero, Filippo Figari, Giuseppe Biasi, Carmelo Floris, Pietro Antonio Manca, Mario Delitala, Stanis Dessy, Eugenio Tavolara), and the collection of graphic works by Giuseppe Biasi and Stanis Dessy. At the moment, while awaiting the completion of further necessary restoration work, the Pinacoteca exhibits only a selection of 17th and 18th century works, divided by chronology and thematic areas; however, it is possible to view the most significant works by visiting the museum’s website. The entrance for the disabled is from Via Canopolo.