Qualche cenno sull'argomento:

Situated in the public gardens of Sassari, the pavilion was inaugurated in 1956 as the seat of the Sardinian Artisan Work Organization Institute (ISOLA), which spread the image of a creative and genuine land. It hosted the first exhibitions of artefacts curated by Tavolara, which made him famous all over the world. The complex was later to house the Museum of Crafts and Design, with the largest “public” collection of works by Tavolara and those acquired by ISOLA over the course of six decades, made up of admirable ceramic pieces, but also baskets, jewelry, textiles and other local products of incredible workmanship. The building has two floors. The current look, after the redevelopment completed in 2013, designed by Badas, was born in order to enhance the sense of continuity between inside and outside. A staircase with reliefs of the Sardinian Cavalcade of Tavolara leads to the unique space on the upper floor. Outside a long wall accompanies the visitor through a ‘water path’ in the pool, while in the center you can admire a fountain embellished with colored ceramic reliefs, by Giuseppe Silecchia. There are also the rooms dedicated to exhibitions, the workshops, the terrace with refreshment point, the tunnel of the access ramp, the hall of the shops and the ceiling of red wood scattered with lights that recalls a starry sky.