Qualche cenno sull'argomento:

They are located on the left side of the upper part of via Pitz’e Serra, in the fields between the schools Brotzu, Levi, Giua and the lake Simbirizzi. Since the beginning of the 1940s, at least 1,500 permanent posts were built all over the island which, together with the anti-aircraft and anti-ship military batteries, constituted the defence of the island during the conflict. Along the coast of Quartu there was a real “containment arch” to protect the entire Gulf of Angels to counter any enemy landings. Also called ” casematte”, they were built in iron and concrete and camouflaged with the appearance of hills, houses, rural churches or nuraghi, such as the Nuraghe Diana and the Nuraghe Is Meris, adapted to machine gun or cannon positions. Those of the Simbirizzi are about ten or so and are in excellent condition despite being abandoned to vandalism and reduced to a rubbish dump. They are distributed in groups except for the solitary “False Church”, which has the appearance of a small country church. Recently some of them have been cleaned up and made accessible thanks to volunteers who have worked to restore decorum and memory to the fortified systems, historical testimonies of a tragic and recent past.