Project Description

Casa Murgia-Casanova, located in Via XX Settembre (S’arruga de Santa Maria) at n°116, 118, 120 and with secondary entrance from “su magasinu” in Via Garibaldi n°105. It consists of several houses and is divided into two floors, the first of which cannot be visited at the moment. It was built around 1860 with load-bearing walls in “ladiri” and according to the typical architecture of the Campidanesi houses, with a south-east facing loggia, with pointed arches overlooking the garden and ceilings in juniper and chestnut about 4 metres high.

There is not the typical defect of the Campidanesi houses with blind rooms because it enjoys the double exposure on the streets X X Settembre and Garibaldi. The building and its movable heritage can be considered an example of an ethnographic museum of the lower Campidano and specifically of the town of Quartu Sant’Elena, of its agro-pastoral culture with the collection and exhibition of objects, tools and furniture typical of the manor house of Quartu.