In the previous editions of Monumenti Aperti, the non-profit association Imago Mundi created several additional projects for the main event, some of which have been imported to other local areas and in Piedmont.

Culture with No Barrier was created with the intent of raising awareness of disadvantaged people and citizens with temporary or permanent disabilities. Outside Cagliari, the project was also enacted in other municipalities, where the main focus was giving prominence to such a delicate topic.

The project Taste the City is operative in almost every municipality that participates in Monumenti Aperti. All the restaurants and small businesses in the city, in fact, are invited to keep their activities open in the days dedicated to Monumenti Aperti. Commerce and culture are intertwined to such an extent that they manage to promote cultural tourism in local shops and restaurants. More specifically, craft and local products shops participate in the event, as well as trattorias, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours with their themed menus.

The association has also been commissioning a special project dedicated to describing the local cultural heritage, Words of Beauty. The project, created by the writer Luigi Dal Cin, is dedicated to primary and secondary school students.

Within Cagliari Monumenti Aperti, the project Monumenti Aperti Stories was created. One or more Sardinian and Italian professional writers have been commissioned an original work inspired by one of the many local monuments. The writers’ job is to become witnesses of the city and its monuments, and to turn them into involuntary characters for their stories.

The oldest initiative linked to Monumenti Aperti is Monuments in Music&Entertainment, which has been an integral part of the event since its first edition. In some of the Monumenti Aperti in 1997, in fact, concerts and musical performances were organized to accompany visitors throughout the guided tours. In the following years, it became a standing appointment in the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, but also in other municipalities, as a part of Monumenti Aperti’s network.

Culture with No Barriers
Taste the City
Words of Beauty
Monumenti Aperti Stories
Monumenti Aperti in Music&Entertainment